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JRyanArtist visual artist and craftsman

Creativity has no room for Limitations.

Visual artist JRyanArtist, artist and craftsman - believes in order to produce works that are truly unique, an artist must abandon social convention and allow the full-scope of his or her creativity to take flight. The rules create limitations and there is no room for limitations regarding creativity and visual expression.

JRyanArtist is a multi-faceted art production firm servicing Louisiana and Texas for over ten years.

Commercial Art

Commercial art, creative services, referring to art created for commercial purposes. See our gallery page for examples.


Public Art

Public art is; art in any media that has been planned and executed with the intention of being staged in the physical public domain

About - JRyanArtist

Who are we? and what we do?

In order to become a successful Artist you must find what you love to do and pursue your passion.

The Journey

JRyanArtist artist began in 1999 as a single-artist movement conceived by Jason Ryan McCutcheon in Shreveport, Louisiana. JRyanArtist has since become a creative company with services ranging from commercial art and design to public art. Being an artist takes you on a journey of experimenting with many mediums and outcomes. Ryan graduated college with a degree in Telecommunications with an emphasis in computer animation. During his studies he was employed by advertising agencies as a graphic designer. Then later employed by a camera store as an equipment expert, photo editing and restoration expert and professional photographer with a portfolio ranging from wedding and architectural photos to professional head shots. Ryan's first art show, "Randomonium" was held at the Bossier Arts Council in January of 2009. Since December of 2010, JRyanArtist has served as a professional art production firm employing two full-time artists and contracting several freelance artists for various projects including murals, props, public art, and various creative projects. . Ryan considers himself a "Renaissance Man" willing to experiment and master many styles of media. JRyanArtists' works have been displayed at the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, Artspace, Bossier Arts Council, LSUS University Center Gallery, CoHabitat, Mental Health Solutions, Perot Museum and various places throughout the Shreveport-Bossier City area and The Dallas Fort Worth area. Ryan has provided design services for a range of established businesses and continues to be a pioneer in art production services. JRyanArtist is a multi-faceted art production firm in addition to services ranging from commercial design to public art installations with a "no-rules" philosophy regarding art, everything is on the table.

Mr. Ryan McCutcheon
"Art is my life and I am so blessed to be able to make a living in such a creative enviroment".

JRyanArtist - Services

What we offer

JRyanArtist offers creative services. Designing, building and fabricating for commercial and private use. We enjoy making those crazy cool ideas come to life. Whether you want a mural on your wall or custom fabricated props for your event, as long as it is creative we are interested. Be sure to check out our Gallery images because it's not all ways easy to describe everything we do.

On top of offering creative services we also create our own art, including public art, sculptures, fine art, and experimental art. It's just what we do, we are artist, it's what we LOVE and what more could we ask.


Some of our commercial services have included murals, props, creative consultation, custom design and fabrication. JRyanArtist prides itself on flexibility and adaptability to produce unique works, whether at complete liberty of the artists or to exact specifications.

Public Art

We have ideas and want the public to participate and experience these ideas. As artist we create destinations and build creative communities.


We also exhibit our work at art markets, art festivals and galleries. Again, we love creating it's in our blood.

Contact - JRyanArtist

We are excited about your project

Hours 10am - 6pm Monday - Friday

Phone: 318-393-8203

Phone: 469-718-9174